Wednesday, April 29, 2009

first post!

We are happy to be new members of the blogging world. We really don't have anything specatular to report just yet. Its a typical wed. here at the sugg house. Matt has finally passed out after Ghost Hunters. That show gets him every time. I am just chillin with my legs propped up. At 39 weeks pregnant, my calves, ankles, and feet probably weigh 15 pounds each. No Lie! For those that have been concerned about us getting everything done (yes Kacey I'm talking to you), WE ARE DONE! Baby no name yet sugg has clean sheets, clean clothes, and a clean room! We are just waiting for her eta which is next tuesday. Yikes.

A picture of her crib. Not that cool, I know. I can't get a picture of the whole room and I thought this was the cutest part. So there.

Stick with me. I promise to do something exciting soon. Maybe. Have a happy thursday!