Monday, October 31, 2011

An adorable Nemo and a fall photo shoot

2 trips to Michaels, an oversize tshirt, puff paint, glue gun, felt, pipe cleaners, 4 hours and many bad words later...

Voila!!! One little toddler who was ecstatic about being Nemo! And one tired working mom who waited until the last minute and  who lost sleep over whether or not Nemo would be dry enough to wear.

Bet you didn't know Nemo had the attitude of a teenager.

The rest of the pictures were randomers I thought were blog worthy. Just been enjoying Fall!

Monday, October 3, 2011


So I realized September has come and gone and I didn't blog once. Oopps. I figured I should post asap. I shouldn't even wait until this evening after work. :) Or I'm just really not in the mood to work.

We went with Matt this weekend to Nashville. His girls team played Hendersonville Sat. and Franklin on Sunday. The game Saturday wasn't until 6 so we had the day to do whatever. We had planned on shopping but Opry Mills doesn't reopen until 2012. :( And the outlets 30 mins from the hotel making it a solid hour from the soccer fields. Not enough time to shop. So we went to Nicole and Marks new apartment! Nicole and Mark got married in July and I had yet to see their new place in Midtown Nashville. I guess it's midtown. The liquor store said midtown and liquor stores definitely matter. We hung out and watched football until we had to go to Matt's game.

Matt's team beat Hendersonville 2-1! Had was a trip. I can honestly say she was the entertainment for the evening. Being her usual self, she stood on the top bleachers yelling, "hey" and waving to every living soul that walked by. :) She would walk her baby in her baby stroller up and down the walkway of the bleachers talking to people including the other team's parents and fans. She ate some parent's bag of popcorn even though I bought her a bag. After the game and after never have taken a nap, she did soccer moves on the field. Left handedly throwing the ball and then chasing it, then kicking it and kicking it hard with both her left and right foot. Had turned it on. Let me tell ya. So much so that the UT Martin coach asked me how old she was. Umm yea.

Sunday we had to go back to Nicoles because Matt forgot his phone. :) And then we went to his game against Franklin. I have to leave the part about us being lost and not getting to the game until 15 minutes until game time. YIKES. It's a very sensative subject so we just don't go there. Franklin is ranked numero uno if I'm not mistaken and their 1 of only 2 losses last season was to Germantown. Needless to say they were out to prove themselves. But they didn't!! Franklin only beat Germantown by 2. Score ended up being 3 to 1, while Franklin predicted a 10 to nothing game!! Yeah go Lady Red Devils!

And then we drove home. Hadley slept almost the whole way home. And now it's Monday. The end.

Still not ready to work. So...

I have to brag on Hadley for a minute. She has been peepeeing in the potty at school and at home for the last week. She even went to the potty in our hotel room and at rest stops. I was a little anxious about how she would react to the dirtiness of rest stop restrooms and the girl rolled on flawlessly. I put paper on the seats and held her up a bit and she peepeed! And she yelled it out in the public restrooms until everyone started laughing. I think we are on a roll!