Friday, September 17, 2010

Love the little things

I'm really only posting this blog so I can go back and read it later when I need to smile. So I can remember the little giggle that turned into a whine and then a down right cry. So I can remember looking around the room and then finally spotting the little white keds sticking out. See it's working. I'm laughing :)

So this morning, like all mornings, I was hollering at Hadley to find her pasi and get her blanki because we needed to leave. I didn't hear her so I assumed she was doing as she was told. (yeah right)  I was standing in front of my closet picking out my clothes. Yes, my closet is in Hadley's room. When I turned around, I couldn't find her. My eyes darting this way and that trying to figure where the heck Hadley went when I saw her little white shoes barely sticking out from under the bed skirt of her crib!! She had taken Pee-A-Boo to a whole new level this morning. Before you know it, we will be playing flash light tag throughout the neighborhood. Her cute little snicker/giggle quickly turned into a cry when she realized she didn't know how to get out from under the crib. I'm guessing H had crawled on her stomach and once she was under the crib, she sat up because when I saw her feet she was sitting up. She couldn't figure out that she needed to lay back on her stomach to get out!

I know that I blog like a first time mom and I use exclamation marks like a first time mom and I'm okay with all of it. This is for my purposes anyway. And I just can't get enough of the little things!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just hanging out...

... enjoying the family life! :)