Friday, October 23, 2009

I Heart the Fall!

Numero uno reason the Suggs love the fall......TEXAS football. Other reasons include fantastic weather (non rainy days), lazy rainy days, pumpkins, gorgeous leaves, Thanksgiving and the Christmas count begins! Only 63 more days til good ole Santa Claus. Back to football. Matt and Hadley usually hang out for at least a few of the games before Matt is off to work on a deck for some friends. Hadley is only allowed to wear her Texas outfit on Saturdays.
Little pregame chat discussing the usual
Wondering if Texas can pull out a win over Oklahoma. To my OU peeps, I was under strick rule not to let Hadley wear her OU outfit. I'll need reinforcements next year to keep Matt away while Hadley gets dressed.

At 5 1/2 months she's a mover and a doer. Hadley doesn't stop moving or talking until she falls asleep. She loves ALL the new foods we've tried which include rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. Carrots are definitely her favorite followed very closely by green peas. Hadley girl rolls over and over and over again and would really appreciate if she could roll back to that toy that she just rolled away from. She is trying really hard to sit up all by herself without slowly falling forward. She's just soo much more fun and entertaining now!

Monday, October 5, 2009


I pretty sure the stork that dropped Hadley off, dropped off a new baby about a week ago. She has completely changed. It hasn't been bad, just tough trying to figure her out while she is teething. Oh yeah! It doesn't help that I have been told and now see for myself, Hadley is the spitting image of Matt and I will NEVER figure him out. (love you hunny) Here's how the conversation went with Hadley's teacher Algonda and I.
Algonda: What is Hadley like at home? Is she quiet?
Me: Well no not really. She talks and laughs and plays in the morning. At night we are a little more settled because she goes to bed fairly early. Why?
Algonda: Well, we really try and play with her and try to get her to smile and she's just so serious. And when we put her on the mat to play with the other kids, she doesn't seem to like it and would rather play in her crib by herself.
Me: that would be my husbands personality

My thoughts as soon as I got to the car: OMG. I would have a child that has no desire to be social. I'm never going to have anyone to hang out with. I'm going to lose this game of child rearing if the next kid isn't like me.
Matt's thoughts when I told him later: That's what I'm talking about!
But she sure is cute!
There isn't a whole lot thats been happening. Matt's girls team is having a pretty good season. Last Friday night, they tied Henry County 1-1, with a goal from Gtown in the last few minutes.