Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warm weather

We've taken advantage of the nicer days lately by spending some much needed time outside. Thank goodness this child of ours loves being outside because there is nothing more than anyone in our family enjoys more. This weekend H got to visit with her cousin Madeline. Always entertaining!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Destroyer

Hadley is 10 months and 1 week old! I secretly hope she doesn't walk for a very long time. There isn't ANYTHING that keeps this baby from getting what she wants. Hadley's newest excitement comes from throwing things. She pushes up on her tip toes to the farthest she can reach and then WHAM!, whatever is with in reaching distance smacks the floor. Objects of her affection include full drinks, remotes, perfume, jewelry, magazines, and laptops. I try hard not to laugh when her dad says, "No No Hadley" and Hadley responds by clapping her hands and laughing! The harder she laughs the more proud of herself she is. This morning, I left Matt to feed Hadley breakfast and take her to school. I returned a few hours later to a bathroom floor that was covered in ALL my toiletries. Yes, everything that a woman would store in her bathroom was spread out over the floor. The best part about this story, H waited to dump everything out until Matt was watching. :)

I found her in the frame of the chair at one point. She crawled under, got stuck, pushed out the seat cushion, and then tried to climb out of the top. Completely logical.

I'll give you one guess whose hat this is. No worries, Hadley is only wearing it because we forgot her much more contemporary sun hat.

We call this one "Baby in a Bowl".

"Hmm...swings are ok I guess"