Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 months

Hadley's growing so so fast. She has really started to develop into a little person with a big personality.  We went for a check up today and she weighed in at 19 lbs 15 ounces and she is 29 inches long. We need to fatten her up a bit but it's hard. She burns it off so quickly. I'm not worried. The chick eats constantly. Had keeps us entertained ALL the time. She loves to read to herself and to us. She can say a handful of simple words and she understands a lot of what we say. It's a bit helpful in the morning when I ask her to bring me her shoes, she does and it's ALWAYS a matching pair. I was unaware kids her age could match the shoes like that. It may not match her outfit, but I let her wear them anyway because I think it's cute that she picks them out. We've done away with the B O T T L E. We've made sure those bad boys are no where to be found. She quite cold turkey, which I truly didn't intend for her to do. We were going to slowly start taking away the morning bottles first and then the night bottles. Until, one day I realized that I had forgotten to give her a bottle in two days. I had just been giving her milk in her cup and hadn't noticed the forgotten bottles. So, we went with it and she hasn't had a bottle since. Seems to be okay so far. The pasi is a whole different subject that will not be addressed anytime soon. I probably think about the pasi's more than she does because I don't want to hang out with her when she wants it and doesn't have it. Bad Bad Bad. Everything else is about the same. The pictures posted are just some randomers around the house. We haven't really done much lately because I refuse to melt walking to my car to go anywhere. Oh Fall, how I long for your cool breeze. :)