Sunday, March 20, 2011

This and That and a 22 month old!!

Aunt Kacey and Hadley helped me make cupcakes one night. Needless to say Hadley agreed with the "only fill cupcake pans half full of batter so there's more to eat from the bowl" concept.

We painted our bathroom and you know who was such a big help. Good thing she liked the tape and not the paint.

I still laugh EVERYTIME I see this picture.  We were packing for vacation and Had wore my sunglasses for a while either on her face or on top of her head. Hand gestures/gang signes are a bonus! Love it!

This picture and the remaining pictures are from Branson, MO. The Lareau's graciously invited us to tag along. We swam, hiked, skipped rocks, played outside, ate delicious food, toured and shopped. It was nice to be away from Memphis and in the company of Kate, Chris, Meredith, Madeline, Keddie and Papa. Thank you Chris and Kate!