Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hadley's 2nd Birthday!

Where has the time gone. Two years ago, I was a clueless new mom with a brand new baby. On Wednesday, Matt and I were chasing that same little one only in toddler form around the zoo making animal noises. I had to bring in Kacey and Connelly as reinforcements to make sure Had didn't become one with the lions. The child can run and she can run fast. At 2 Had's a typical toddler. She is extremely impatient but understanding. She will definitely test the limits. Grandsparents are the best because "no" is nonexistent. She isn't a fan of vegetables but that's what Bolthouse Farms great tasting veggie smoothies are for. :) Love parenting.  Had keeps to herself and doesn't mind spending time by herself. She loves nothing more than to chill at the house with her toys and mom and dad. Or play outside alone. She likes to play outside alone because then Matt can't tell her not to play in his tomato garden, kick the flowers, or pull up the herbs. Right now she prefers Meredith over Madeline because Meredith giveth and Madeline taketh away. But poor Madeline just wants a friend to love on and play with and that is all very strange to Hadley. Had just isn't into hugging or cuddling or snuggling or.....and she just doesn't seem to be a team player right now. You see Had likes to set her own rules and go at her own pace.  It's hard to do that in the company of others. The other 99% of the time Had's the sweetest thing in the world and could do no wrong. She can tell you "i wuv you" in response to you saying you love her and she says "goodness" when you sneeze. Her eyes light up and her mouth opens when she sees something that makes her happy. Currently it is big trucks, tractors and buses. Don't ask me. Hadley has a strong bond to her dad even though she tells people his truck is pink. She only wants Matt to put her to bed and he is the first person she asks about in the morning. Monday-Thursday she says "daddy at work". Friday, "daddy at work" and then I come in with "guess what?  It's Friday wooo!" and we do the Friday dance. On Saturdays if he isn't the one to get her out of bed, she runs to our room to make sure he isn't at work. Matt tells me I don't put her to bed right so when I try and fail he has to take over. :) Love parenting. It didn't take her long to figure out that mom's a sucker and dad doesn't put up with anything. It's sad that she is growing up so fast but she is fun and full of personality. She makes a bad day good and a good day better for sure! I can't imagine life without our Hadley.

Today was her birthday party. We had a playground and picnic themed party since one of her favs is to go down the "yide". We are having trouble with our S. It was 90 degrees on Wednesday and 58 this morning at her party with winds out of the north blowing 90 miles an hour. Although most grown ups were shivering and mildly miserable, Had most importantly had a blast. She played, ate the icing off 4 cupcakes, opened presents, then crashed when we got home. Successful! So thank you to those that survived the winds, held down the food, and chased after blown away presents...and Hadley.

Pictures to come. Failure of a mom #456- forget to charge your camera for your child's birthday party. God put Kate Lareau in my life for many reasons.