Wednesday, July 28, 2010


One can remember the last time they were too ill to eat much for a week. One can also remember being pretty hungry once they felt better. If you're 14 months old it looks a little like this...

Still a little tired and grumpy but sooo hungry!! Thank goodness that was last week and this is a new week and we are all a little happier.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th festivities

We always spend the 4th a.k.a Matt's bday in Calico Rock, AR. The men fish and the women visit. Every 4th we enjoy a brilliant display of fireworks from the guys. And it does get better and better each year due to our requested favorites. The picture below is a picture of the Texas Sugg's scenic backyard in which this brilliant display takes place. 

Darling angels
A bit of badminton

Haddy and Maddy stirring away
These two chicks were troopers. Here they are patiently waiting for it to get a little darker for our fireworks.

You'll have to join us next year to see the fireworks cuz I got nothin' to show you. It was a great show!
Happy times and Happy 31st Matt!