Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuttle, OK

Hadley spent 4 days at her great-grandparents in Oklahoma last week. If Had could talk, she would probably tell you it was the greatest 4 days of her 13 month existence. There is nothing but backyard, swimming, and adoring great-family members in Tuttle. The perfect place for our little outside, active baby. A typical day went as follows, pre-breakfast banana on the back porch, playing outside, fried egg and toast breakfast, swimming or playing in the water hose, lunch, nap, snack outside on the porch, dirt playing, swimming, playing outside, dinner, bed! The only thing I would change would be to hire a chauffeur to drive Hadley the 8 hours there and 8 hours back. And I don't mean my mother! :) I'm pretty sure she wouldn't do it for a million bucks next year anyway.

aren't great grandpapas the best

Lucky's pool that Had officially declared hers

the dog,Lucky, is the neighborhood dog who spends most of her time with my grandparents; Hadley loved throwing the ball to Lucky even though it maybe went two feet and Lucky, sweet dog, would pick it up and run away so Hadley would have to chase her

freezing cold well water

The Rumbaugh, Scott, Sugg kids clan
left to right: Drake(cousin 7), Alexis(cousin 13), Hadley(sidekick 13months), Abbey(cousin 11), me, Collin(bro 11)