Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Arkansas

Cheeseball here does in fact have this much fun playing at grandma and grandpas.

She thought this upside down stool was a car. :)

Nothing beats the bond of 19 month old cousins. It's only taken until now for them to even realize they like each other. All that matters is that this weekend they fell in love.  They held hands on walks, found each others pasies, shared toys, and each found that the other was super funny.  Noncompeting toddlers makes for more peaceful family time and less wine needed after they went to bed.

Nothing says a holiday get together at the Suggs without arts and crafts. If you think the house on the left is missing some candy, you might be right. Meredith was eating the candy faster than Kate could put it on the house.

Notice the only picture I got of the guys was on their way out the door. At every given opportunity, ninja Chris and Matt went fly fishing. Not complaining because their moods improve dramatically when they go fishing.

Saturday, November 6, 2010