Monday, August 17, 2009

The adventures in No Internet land

Yep, its been FOREVER and that just how its going to be if we don't get out own internet. I tried to go up to the coffee shop for free wi-fi tonight and somehow ended up sitting in my car in the Mcdonalds parking lot next to Holiday Ham Co. with a $5 starbucks. Might as well pay monthly for internet right?!

Any who....lots going on with the Suggs. Matt and has started school and soccer, meaing he is home for about an hour each night. I usually hang out with Hadley after work while Matt gets dinner ready. We go for walks, sip on some formula, chat, take baths, you know whatever.Hadley is a very busy woman these days. She talks up a storm, tries really hard to roll over, and flails her arms and legs for fun. Once she goes down for the night Matt and I get to hang out for about 10 mins. before we both pass out as well. Lifes Good!
A couple weeks ago Hadley got to spend a WHOLE weekend with her Keddie and Papa in Arkansas. I'm not really sure what really went on but whatever it was it fun because pictured below is what she did the whole way home plus a little longer....
What happens at Keddie and Papa's stays at Keddie and Papa's and thats okay!

Hadley also went on her first date. Sorry, Matt, a play date. It was love at first slobber. John Mason is the son of a friend of mine and he was born a week after Hadley.
Aren't they just adorable!!
My car's running out of gas. Gotta Go. Talk to you in another couple of months. :)