Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa sent a helper!

Meet Howie. Last weekend, Hadley and I went to see Santa at the Pink Palace. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Had said she wanted a Choo Choo train! She was also told that she has to have good behavior for Santa to bring the choo choo on Christmas morning. So Howie came to us last night from the North Pole. He is Santa's helper. Every night Howie reports back to Santa whether Hadley had good behavior that day or not.

 Yes, Hadley named the elf Howie. No, neither Matt or I had any influence on the name she picked out. I simply asked what she thought we should call the elf. Because without a name, he has no magical powers and without magical powers he can't fly to the North Pole at night and tell Santa that Hadley has been a good girl. She quickly replied, "Howie". And I said okay.  So Howie perches himself on different shelves around the house to monitor our behaviour. You also can not touch Howie or he will loose his magical powers!

Daddy and daughter made bird feeders out of cheerios and pipe cleaners and hung them in the trees. You know because birds get hungry in the winter time when there isn't very much food to eat. :) Hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! I know we have thoroughly enjoyed our time off!