Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas + other fun!

 Psychedelic birdhoused Hadley painted for aunts and uncles!! No bird in their right mind would live here but they were super fun to make.

Her Thomas and Friends wooden train set Santa brought.

The Lareau girls got a keyboard and microphones from Santa. Between the instruments, 3 girlie girls and attempted adult conversation, loud would be an understatement.

We slipped away for a bit to head down to the river. Matt caught a fish and let Hadley "tickle" it before he threw it back. :)                       

We had Christmas with the Scotts on the 22nd and left for Arkansas on the 23rd. We had a great Christmas this year at both locations. This was the first year Had knew exactly what was going on. It was really cute to see her light up when we would count down to Christmas morning. We will work on a giving heart next year because she definitely wanted every single present to be for her. O well. She's only 2. Christmas morning she woke up and went downstairs and saw her Choo Choo train she had asked Santa for! She started yelling and jumping up and down. :) I can only imagine what next year will be like. 

We got back from Arkansas and had to get back to the grind. We did get to go to a birthday party at the skating ring! I will just tell you that NOTHING about the skating ring has changed since I was in middle school. I'm pretty sure it was more fun for the adults than it was for the kids.

Yes they make skates small enough for 2 year olds.

Had's skates and my skates. :) I only got her to go around once. But she did it. If I hadn't have fallen on top of her, we might have been able to go around again. It was fun regardless. And the skates are just too cute.


  1. Great blog!! Thank you! We do love you so. Papa is sure the birds will love his birdhouse!

  2. That's one of the best family portraits of any family I've ever seen. - Besides having 5x7s made maybe you should just use it for your card next year!