Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, I picked up this little girl and her daddy... ... in this beauty!! I worked really hard to get her. It took sweat and tears and a lot of arguing but SHE IS MINE!! I no longer endorse City Auto. The general manager was extremely nice and helpful. It just took a month of back and forths with the customer service rep to get to him. Anyway, it's all over and I have air conditioning and lots of other cool, neat gadgets + fuel efficiency in my Ford Fusion. I'm a big Dobbs Ford on Mt. Moriah fan. Kenny and Cash were two of the nicest people I have ever met ( even when I wasn't going to by the car). I recommend you go see them and when they sell you a car make sure you mention my name so I can get my kickback. :) They truly helped/dealth with me for about 2 weeks while I was handling City Auto. We have just been enjoying the Summer. Matt's been working around the house and doing little things here and there. Squeezing in golf when the rest of his - have jobs that don't have summer breaks- friends can join him. Like today. I get really jealous when I have to get up and go to work. UGH. Not fair. But he's good about gettin up and helping in the am and making my lunch! And dropping my lunch off to me in the rain when he makes it and I leave it on the table. Hadley's been super funny lately! This morning Matt told her she needed to eat her breakfast before we left for school and she responded with, "are you kiddin me?"!! So funny. If you thought she had a personality before, whoa, you should see her now. She is still a little string bean weighing in at about 28lbs and legs for days. Her Spanish has really started to develope now that she is in an actual Pre-K class. Sometimes it's hard for us(me) to understand her especially if its a word we never taught her in English first. Her new teacher barely speaks English. Usually a little kid in the class will translate for me! Crazy, I know. But Hadley LOVES Yolanda. They obvisiously commnicate just fine. I realize I'm due for some updated pictures. It's on my list. Will post soon! Not sure why but when I post this blog, it turns into one solid paragraph. Sorry.

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  1. I am so glad that my perrrrfect granddaughter has the perfect mommy and daddy! God is good!